NR 505 Week 1 Assignment: Research Ethics Training – Quiz

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NR 505 Week 1 Assignment Essay Assignment

Assignment: Research Ethics Training – Quiz

Introduction to Research Ethics Quiz
  1. Question: The ‘conflict of mission’ in research refers to the potential conflict between: 1. preventing harm to an individual, and 2. gaining scientific k…
  2. Question: Which of the following should not … included as part of the research protocol and submitted to the REC (ERC)?
  3. Question: The Secretariat of an ethics committee can overturn the decision of a committee if they find it unreasonable
  4. Question: Following an animated discussion and after much debate, an REC has decided not to approve a research study that is utilizing a placebo control desi…
  5. Question: Ethics committee members should consider the following issues when reviewing a protocol:
  6. Question: It is often said that ‘bad science is unethical’. Please choose the best follow-up sentence.
  7. Question: Ethical review is necessary if researchers are to:
  8. Question: Research is necessary to:
  9. Question: The interests of an individual in research can … overridden in research if it is expected to provide significant benefits to society.
  10. Question: Benchmarks of ethical research include: (select all that apply)
  11. Question: Ethics committees should consider the sociocultural, economic and political contexts of research when reviewing protocols
  12. Question: Ethical challenges in research in low and middle income settings include:

Principles and Guidelines Quiz
  1. Question: An REC should base its decisions about the research that it reviews on a coherent and consistent application of:
  2. Question: Benchmarks for ethical research in low and middle income settings include: (select all that apply)
  3. Question: An REC should … transparent about the specific ethical guidelines it relies on to make decisions and make these available to researchers and the p…
  4. Question: Research can present difficult dilemmas where reasonable people may disagree and guidance may … inconsistent. In such circumstances committees th…
  5. Question: Human rights that are not relevant to research include:
  6. Question: Guidelines for the ethical conduct of research always agree.
  7. Question: The following principles to guide the conduct of ethical research have received widespread acceptance: (select all that apply)
  8. Question: Universal ethical principles can … compatible with procedures to ensure that research is appropriately adapted to the context in which it is condu…
  9. Question: Applications of the principle of respect for persons include: (select all that apply)

Understanding Vulnerability Quiz
  1. Question: To determine the impact of pre-natal exposure to alcohol, a research team plans to recruit school-going children studying in grades 2 and 3 of sele…
  2. Question: Which of the following statements are consistent with CIOMS guidance on vulnerable persons? (select all that apply)
  3. Question: Research participants may … considered vulnerable if they are relatively incapable of protecting their own interests because of a lack of access t…
  4. Question: Examples of vulnerable populations include:
  5. Question: A REC is reviewing a protocol seeking to investigate the effectiveness of methods of promoting condom use amongst HIV positive patients in a countr…
  6. Question: When seeking a balance between protecting vulnerable populations from harm and protecting populations’ rights to … included in research RECs shoul…
  7. Question: Children are vulnerable participants in research because: (select all that apply)
  8. Question: Special justification is … if vulnerable participants are to … asked to enrol in research. When enrolling vulnerable research participants: (…
  9. Question: Vulnerability is not created solely by intrinsic conditions (such as a lack of capacity to consent to research), but also by the situations in whic…
  10. Question: When reviewing research, RECs should consider what situational aspects of vulnerability can … addressed during research to support informed and vo…
  11. Question: When research with vulnerable populations is proposed RECs may:
  12. Question: Criteria for determining whether potential research participants are vulnerable include: (select all that apply)
  13. Question: Some populations may not consider themselves to … vulnerable and may find it paternalistic and insulting to … labelled as vulnerable by RECs and …
  14. Question: A PI submits a research project related to the sexual and reproductive health needs of young women (age 18-24) in an impoverished community in Sout…

Privacy and confidentiality Quiz
  1. Question: Privacy and confidentiality are the same thing.
  2. Question: Research teams have an obligation to respect research participants’ privacy and maintain the confidentiality of their data.
  3. Question: Limits to the research team’s obligation to preserve confidentiality include situations where information about participants gained during re…
  4. Question: When reviewing provisions for the collection and storage of research data, the REC should ensure that:
  5. Question: Communities can have differing views about what is private and the extent to which confidentiality should ….
  6. Question: Where research involves the use of focus groups during data collection: (select all that apply)
  7. Question: Where relevant, protocols should clearly describe:
  8. Question: In addition to ensuring that confidentiality is … , researchers should permit participants to skip questions that they are not comfortable …
  9. Question: When reviewing protocols, RECs should consider whether the following issues relating to maintaining privacy and confidentiality during research hav…

Informed consent Quiz
  1. Question: When assessing provisions for obtaining consent from research participants, RECs should:
  2. Question: Seeking consent for research is just about getting a signature on a consent form.
  3. Question: Information that should … provided to research participants includes:
  4. Question: Inducements to take part in research should:
  5. Question: Written consent to research must always … obtained.
  6. Question: A study is … in a culture where it is customary for husbands to make decisions on behalf of their wives and families. The research te…
  7. Question: Therapeutic misconception refers to:

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