NR 508 Week 4 Midterm Exam Possible Q&A Essay Assignment

NR 508 Week 4 Midterm Exam Possible Q&A Essay Assignment

NR 508 Week 4 Midterm Exam Possible Q&A Essay Assignment

  1. Which of the following … shown to prolong life in patients with chronic congestive failure in spite of having a negative inotropic effect on cardiac contractility?
  2. Which of the following statements gives the best explanation for the use beta-blockers in congestive heart failure?
  3. — molecular mechanism of action of digoxin (Lanoxin, Cardoxin) used in the management of congestive heart failure?
  4. Which of the following is an aldosterone antagonist and is useful in the management of hypertensive patients with hypokalemia?
  5. ….. agents is the most appropriate choice as a diuretic in patients with hypertension, heart failure and renal failure?
  6. Which is the atypical antidepressant known to block the reuptake of dopamine & norepinephrine (NDRI) and in known to treat depression & nicotine addiction?
  7. Which is the drug increase GABA activity & chloride conductance in neuronal cells thus inhibiting action potentials and is known to treat anxiety, convulsions and could cause marked sedation?
  8. .-.-.-.- agents is a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor that works at the proximal convolutedtubule and is used in the treatment of ocular hypertension?
  9. ____ drugs bind to 30s ribosome units and is used in the treatment of Proponibacterum( acne), mycoplasma, chlamydae, and helicobacterinfections?
  10. The primary care NP see a patient several months after a myocardial infarction. The patient has been furosemide to treat heart failure.. The NP notes that the patient has edema of the hands , feet and ankles. The NP should add which drug?
  11. MK is a 64-year-old male taking Lisinopril for HTN. One month after starting the drug he noted to have a decline in renal function. Which is true?
  12. A 55-year-old patient developsParkinson’s diseasecharacterized by unilateral tumors only. The primary care NP will referrer the patient to a neurologist and should expect initial treatment to be ?
  13. Which of the following drugs is a calciumchannel blocker that slows cardiac conduction directly and thus decreases heart rates and oxygen demand?
  14. Which of the following is an …. pharmacologic agent … for rapid conversion of atrial arrhythmias? Prior to the approval, electrical cardioversion was the … choice for rapid conversion of atrial fibrillation to normal sinus rhythm?
  15. Early stage Alzheimer’s disease is diagnosed in a patient and the primary care NP recommended therapyis necessary because most functioning is intact. The NP should explain that medication may?
  16. LO a 38-year-old with a history of depression and migraine headaches. In mid Julyshe calls your office worried because she takes fluoxetine and occasionally Sumatriptan and heard a warningwas issued re : the use of the two together. What is the concern?
  17. Which of the following agents is most appropriatechose as a diuretic in patients with hypertension, heart failure and renal failure? ( therapeutic multipleuses )?
  18. Which is the antifungal drugs, useful treating fungal meningitis in AIDS patients that reduces ” ergosterol synthesis” in fungal cell membranes by inhibiting 14 alpha demethylases, a fungal cytochomeP450 enzyme?
  19. A patient taking hydrochlorothiazideto treat hypertension and ask the primarycare NP why it is necessary to reduce sodium intake while taking this medication. The NP should explain that decreasing sodium is necessary to ?
  20. Which of the following agents used in class II and class III heart failures is known to have alpha as well as non-selectivebeta blocking action?
  21. in addition to inhibiting proteins C and S, what specificvitamin K dependent clotting factors does warfarin inhibit?
  22. What potential side effects would you mention to a patient recently started on mefedipine(Procardia)?
  23. Which of the following agents is carbonic anhydrase inhibitor useful in the management of high altitude sicknessand edema with alkalosis? ( therapeuticapplication)?
  24. /41? A patient on an antihypertensive drug comes to your office complaining of a dry cough. You switch the patient to another drug that inhibits similar pharmacologic mechanism, and now the patient does not complain about dry cough any more. Which is the drug that the patient is presently on? (adverse ace inhibitors)?
  25. Which of the antiarrhythmic agents has its action best described by decrease in myocardial conduction by inhibiting the influx of sodium through ” fast ” channels of the myocardial cells?
  26. You have decided to start an SSRI on a 70-year-old patient with major depression. You choose to avoidthe following SSRI due to its increased risk of sedation and drug interactions compared to others in this class?
  27. A patient who has Parkinson’sdisease and who takes levodopa reports that the drug effects wear off more quickly than before. The primary care NP should?
  28. KL is a 58-year-old female with asthma and angina. Which of the following medications is generallyavoided in those with asthma?
  29. ._._._ is an aldosterone antagonist and is useful in the management of hypertensive pt.’swith hypokalemia?
  30. Which of the selective serotoninreceptors antagonist with long duration of action lowest potential for discontinuation syndrome, and is used in the management of depression, panic disorder and pre menstaturaldysmorphia?
  31. —- steroidal, antihypertensive agent that works on collecting tubuleluminal membrane by direct antagonism of mineralocorticoidreceptors? Pharmacodynamics, mechanism)?
  32. Which of the following agents can treat anaerobic bacterial infections as well as protozoal infections by Entamoeba( causes ameobiasis) and has a shorter duration of therapy than metronidazole?
  33. Which is the drug clinically useful in the treatmentof systemic infectionscaused by aspergillus, blastomyces, candida albicans, Histoplasma & Cryptococcus?
  34. A patient who has Parkinsondisease who takes levodopaand carbidopa reports having drooling episodes that are increasing in frequency. The primary care NP should order?
  35. A 38-year-old man who … running a marathon collapses and is … to the emergency department. He is … to have a left ventricular myocardial infarction and heart failure with significant pulmonary edema. The first line rug of choice is most cases of heart failure is?
  36. Which of the following agents is … to be equally effective as verapamil in the management of paroxysmalsupraventricular tachycardia bus less toxic than verapamil?
  37. ……… typical antipsychotic, blocks DA2 receptors, cause high extrapyramidalsymptoms and is used in patients with severe agitations?
  38. Which of the following is a short acting class II beta blocking agent used in acute cardiac arrhythmias and in the management of acute hypertension?
  39. All of the following medications are … narrow therapeutic index medications and therefore require monitoring of serum levels except?
  40. You are seeing a patient for the first time and they are just …. epilepsy. The primary care NP will refer this patient to a neurologist and should expect this patient to begin taking?
  41. /41? A patient on an antihypertensive drug comes to your office complaining of a dry cough. You switch the patient to another drug that inhibits similar pharmacologic mechanism, and now the patient does not complain about dry cough any more. Which is the drug that the patient is presently on? (adverse ace inhibitors)?
  42. Which of the following is a dopamine receptor agonist ( stimulates dopaminereceptors) knownto treat Parkinson’s disease ( parkinsonism) & restless leg syndrome?
  43. Which of the following diuretics is useful in the management of recurrent calcium stones?
  44. Adverse effects the NP should counsel patients taking ACE inhibitors all of the following expect?
  45. Which of the following conditions are …. contraindications or relative contraindications for combined oral contraceptive use? All of the above?
  46. Which of the following is a … effect or action of mannitol, an osmotic diuretic? Therapeutic application)?
  47. A 65-year-old women … admitted to the coronary care unit with left ventricular myocardial infarction. She develops acute severe heart failure with marked pulmonary edema, but no evidence of peripheral edema or weight gain. Which one of the following drugs would be most useful?
  48. Which of the melatoninreceptor agonist ( bindsMT1 &MT2 receptors) useful in treating insomnia with delayed sleep onset?
  49. A patient who has chronic pain and who takes oxycodone calls the clinic to ask for a refill of the medication. The primary care NP notes that the medication refill is not due for 2 weeks. The patient tells the NP that the refills needed because he is going out of town. The NP should?
  50. A patient develops hypertension. The primary care nurse Practitioner, plans to begin diuretic therapy for this patient. The NP notes clear breath sounds, no organomegaly, and no peripheral edema. The patient’s serum electrolytes are normal. The NP should prescribe?

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