NR-507 Week 2 Quiz Essay Assignment

NR-507 Week 2 Quiz Essay Assignment

NR-507 Week 2 Quiz Essay Assignment

NR 507 Week 2 Quiz – Real Exam Q & A

  1. Question: All of the following are characteristics that occur with any type of acute inflammation except? p.214
  2. Question: The primary phagocytic cells in the immune systems are (p. 199)
  3. Question: Which of the ff is NOT a function of T- Cells?
  4. Question: Chronic inflammation is defined as a long- term inflammatory response that last? P.214
  5. Question: The immune components to appear first in ANY immune response are?
  6. Question: Biopsy results for tumor staging would indicate? P. 394
  7. Question: The process by which tumors develop new vascular networks is?
  8. Question: The TNM classification system for clinical staging of cancer indicates p. 1238
  9. Question: All of the ff are characteristics of benign cells EXCEPT? P.364
  10. Question: All of the ff statements are true concerning the development of cancer EXCEPT?
  11. Question: Which would not shift the blood pH towards alkalosis? Fig 3-15, p 128
  12. Question: Hypoventilation can result in____________ leading to _____________ p. 130
  13. Question: … compartment that includes cerebral spinal fluid, peritoneal, and synovial fluid is known as?
  14. Question: Most of our body water is located in?
  15. Question: Interstitial fluid (IF) is located?
  16. Question: A deficiency in oxygen will cause all of the ff except? P. 29 fig 1-26
  17. Question: Which of the following organelle-function pairs is NOT correctly matched? P. 11
  18. Question: The endoplasmic reticulum (ER) provides a large surface area within the cells in which: p. 5
  19. Question: Which cell structure is responsible for digestion of foreign debris and worn out part of the cells? P. 7
  20. Question: The fluid Mosaic model explains: p. 12

NR 507 Week 2 Quiz – Study Guide

Cellular Structure and Function:

  • Fluid Mosaic Model (plasma membrane)
  • Structure of the cell along with their functions
  • Endoplasmic Reticulum
  • Cellular digestion
    • Phase 1: Extracellular Enzyme Digestion
    • ………….. Cytoplasmic Enzyme Digestion
    • Phase 3: Intramitochondrial Digestion


  • How Cancer Develops
  • Characteristics of Benign Cells
  • How tumors develop new vascular networks
  • Biopsy Results for Tumor Staging
  • TNM Classification 


  • Review cells involved in immune response and their function
  • Acute and Chronic Inflammation: Characteristics of Both
  • T-Cell Function 

Fluid and Electrolytes:

  • Review concepts of fluid shift from intracellular to extracellular compartments
  • Review interstitial fluid compartments
  • Body Fluid Compartments 

Acid/Base Balance:

  • Review basic concepts of acid/base balance, including shifts in acid/base status
  • Results of Hypoventilation on acid/base balance

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