NR 222 Unit 3 Exam 1 (Real Exam Additional Questions-Answers)

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NR 222 Unit 3 Exam 1 Real Exam Additional Questions-Answers Essay Assignment

NR 222 Unit 3 Exam 1 (Real Exam Additional Questions-Answers)

  1. Question: Who authored the framework, which provides the foundation for nursing assessment and diagnosis using the functional health patterns?
  2. Question: When assessing a client’s activity-exercise pattern, which subjective finding has implications for nursing practice?
  3. Question: During a health history, a person reports getting 5 hours of sleep a night. What does this information indicate to the nurse?
  4. Question: A nurse is counseling a person with a dysfunctional sleep pattern. Which of the following recommendations would the nurse most likely give the person?
  5. Question: A young couple is deciding if they should get married and start a family. Which of Erikson’s life stages are they experiencing?
  6. Question: A client reports that her family will be moving because her husband is taking a new job in another state. She is very unhappy about the decision and doesn’t want to move. What action should the nurse take next?
  7. Question: The nurse is caring for a family who has 2-year-old twins. Which of the following health promotion advice would be included in the nurse’s plan of care for this couple?
  8. Question: A nurse is providing follow-up care for a family who has recently had a baby. Which of the following topics should the nurse anticipate discussing with the family?
  9. Question: A nurse is using a health education component when teaching about smoking cessation. Which of the following actions is the nurse implementing?
  10. Question: A nurse is counseling a teenager who smokes one pack of cigarettes a day. The teenager states he likes to smoke with his friends and does not recognize the connection between his smoking and his asthma. When planning an intervention for this person, the nurse must first recognize that the teenager is in the:
  11. Question: A Medicare client reports to the home care nurse that he is receiving care through an accountable care organization (ACO). Which of the following considerations should … made when delivering care to this individual?
  12. Question: Which form of managed care restricts providers to caring for individuals who are members of their organization?

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