NR 222 Unit 3 Exam 1 (Real Exam: Questions-Answers)

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NR 222 Unit 3 Exam 1 Real Exam Essay Assignment

Exam 1 (Real Exam: Questions-Answers)

  1. Question: A nurse prepares the budget and policies for an intensive care unit. Which role is the nurse implementing?
  2. Question : A patient is scheduled for surgery. When getting ready to obtain the informed consent, the patient tells the nurse, “I have no idea what is going to happen. I couldn’t ask any questions.” The nurse does not allow the patient to sign the permit and notifies the health care provider of the situation. Which role is the nurse displaying?
  3. Question : A nurse attends a workshop on current nursing issues provided by the American Nurses Association. Which type of education did the nurse receive?
  4. Question : A nurse is using the Healthy People 2020 to establish goals for the community. Which goal is priority?
  5. Question : A nurse is providing screening at a health fair. Which finding indicates a person may be more likely to develop health problems?
  6. Question : A nurse is using the holistic approach to care. Which goal is the priority?
  7. Question : A nurse is teaching a patient about the use of biofeedback. Which goal should the nurse add to the care plan?
  8. Question : Which patient will cause the nurse to question an order for acupuncture?
  9. Question : The nurse questions a health care provider’s decision to not tell the patient about a cancer diagnosis. Which ethical principle is the nurse trying to uphold for the patient?
  10. Question : The nurse has become aware of missing narcotics in the patient care area. Which ethical principle obligates the nurse to report the missing medications?
  11. Question : A state of physical, mental, spiritual, and social functioning that realizes a person’s potential and is experienced within a developmental context is known as:
  12. Question : Which of the following represents a method of primary prevention?
  13. Question : A nurse is planning to deliver an educational program to individuals with diabetes. Which of the following should be the initial action taken by the nurse to ensure the success of the program?
  14. Question : Which nurse is at risk of making a medical error?
  15. Question : Which person is at highest risk for being uninsured?
  16. Question : Patient care emphasis on wellness, rather than illness, begins as a result of:
  17. Question : The nurse caring for a patient in the acute care setting assumes responsibility for a patient’s care. What is this legally binding situation?
  18. Question : What are the universal guidelines that define appropriate measures for all nursing interventions?
  19. Question : A nurse fails to irrigate a feeding tube as ordered, resulting in harm to the patient. This nurse could be found guilty of:
  20. Question : Acupuncture is a complementary therapy that uses fine needles placed in acupoints. What is the believed purpose of these acupoints?
  21. Question : A nurse examines whether patient interventions have been appropriate and expected outcomes have been met. The nurse is demonstrating which step in the nursing process?
  22. Question : The patient’s son requests to view documentation in the medical record. What is the nurse’s best response to this request?
  23. Question : Which of the following represents a method of secondary prevention?
  24. Question : When professionals work together to solve ethical dilemmas, nurses must examine their own values. What is the best rationale for this step?
  25. Question : A patient is … to a rehabilitation facility following a stroke. The patient has right-sided paralysis and is unable to speak. The patient will be receiving physical therapy and speech therapy. Which level of preventive care is the patient receiving?
  26. Question : The nurse is caring for a patient who has been trying to quit smoking. The patient has been smoke free for 2 weeks but had two cigarettes last night and at least two this morning. What should the nurse anticipate?
  27. Question : The nurse is working in a drug rehabilitation clinic and is in the process of admitting a patient for “detox.” What should the nurse do next?
  28. Question : A female patient has been overweight for most of her life. She has tried dieting in the past and has lost weight, only to regain it when she stopped dieting. The patient is visiting the weight loss clinic/health club because she has decided to do it. She states that she will join right after the holidays, in 3 months. Which stage is the patient displaying?
  29. Question : Upon completion of the assessment, the nurse finds that the patient has quit drinking and has been alcohol free for the past 2 years. Which stage best describes the nurse’s assessment finding?
  30. Question : If a nurse decides to withhold a medication because it might further lower the patient’s blood pressure, the nurse will be practicing the principle of :
  31. Question : A nurse is caring for a client who is from a different culture than himself. When beginning the cultural assessment. which of the following actions should the nurse take first.
  32. Question : A nurse is assessing the family unit to determine the family’s ability to adapt to the change of a member having surgery. Which area is the nurse monitoring?
  33. Question: A nurse reviews the current trends affecting the family. Which trend will the nurse find?
  34. Question: A nurse is using the family as context approach to provide care to a patient. What should the nurse do next?
  35. Question: A nurse is caring for an immigrant with low income. Which information should the nurse consider when planning care for this patient?
  36. Question : A nurse is assessing the health care disparities among population groups. Which area is the nurse monitoring?
  37. Question: The nurse is caring for a patient of Hispanic descent who speaks no English. The nurse is working with an interpreter. Which action should the nurse take?
  38. Question: A nurse is assessing a patient’s ethnohistory. Which question should the nurse ask?
  39. Question : A nurse is using a guide that provides principles of right and wrong to provide care to patients. Which guide is the nurse using?
  40. Question : A nurse is teaching about the goals of Healthy People 2020. Which information should the nurse include in the teaching session?
  41. Question : A nurse is using Maslow’s hierarchy to prioritize care for an anxious patient that is not eating and will not see family members. Which area should the nurse address first?
  42. Question : A nurse is teaching about the transtheoretical model of change. In which order will the nurse place the progression of the stages from beginning to end?
  43. Question : A nurse is using the problem-oriented approach to data collection. Which action will the nurse take first?
  44. Question : The nurse is gathering data on a patient. Which data will the nurse report as objective data?
  45. Question : A patient expresses fear of going home and being alone. Vital signs are stable and the incision is nearly completely … What can the nurse infer from the subjective data?
  46. Question : A nurse has already set the agenda during a patient-centered interview. What will the nurse do next?
  47. Question : A nurse is conducting a nursing health history. Which component will the nurse address?
  48. Question : The nurse is interviewing a patient with a hearing deficit. Which area should the nurse use to conduct this interview?
  49. Question : Which nurse most likely kept records on sanitation techniques and the effects on health?
  50. Question: A patient asks the nurse for a nonmedical approach for excessive worry and work stress. Which therapy should the nurse recommend

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