NR 222 Unit 6 Exam 2 Assignment

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NR 222 Unit 6 Exam 2 Assignment

Unit 6 Exam 2  (Addition Q & A)

  1. Question: While caring for a Native American client, the nurse notices that the client does not make contact. Even when the nurse is providing education. The nurse responds appropriately to the behavior by doing which of the following?
  2. Question: The nurse is caring for a patient who speaks only Spanish. To facilitate communication, which of the following is an appropriate action by the nurse?
  3. Question: The nurse is admitting an Asian-American patient to the medical-surgical floor. When calling the dietary department, the nurse tells the dietitian that all Asians eat rice. What attitude is the nurse displaying?
  4. Question: Which of the following concepts characterizes transcultural nursing?
  5. Question: _ refers to Leininger’s description of the learned and transmitted knowledge about values, beliefs, rules of behavior and lifestyle practices that guide designated group in thinking and acting in patterned ways?
  6. Question: Which of the following is a process by which a nurse consistently works in the cultural context of the client, family and community?
  7. Question: … process by which members of a cultural group adapt or learn how to take on the behaviors of another group?
  8. Question: The nurse caring for a Hispanic client is performing a cultural assessment. Which of the following statements or questions avoids stereotyping?
  9. Question: A Nurse is taking a history. The client has limited English proficiency. When communicating with this client the nurse should:
  10. Question: SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment and Recommendation) communication, which of the following is the correct order?
  11. Question: The quality improvement team at a large, urban hospital has recognized the need to better integrate the principles of transcultural nursing into patient care. When explaining the concept of transcultural nursing to uninitiated nurses, how should the team members describe it?
  12. Question: A nurse would expect that a woman from which of the following would want only female physician to examine her
  13. Question: A nurse is caring for an elderly woman who predominantly identifies with an East Asian culture. How can the nurse best demonstrate an awareness of culturally congruent care?
  14. Question: It is important for the nurse to acknowledge cultural differences that many influence the delivery of healthcare. In order to do this, the nurse must do which of the following?
  15. Question: Of the following nurse theorists, which one is considered the founder of transcultural nursing?
  16. Question: — thing the nurse can do to provide culturally sensitive care?
  17. Question: The nurse is preparing to educate a patient about the home care of an abdominal wound. What patient behaviors does the nurse notice that demonstrate readiness to learn? (Select all that apply.)
  18. Question: Since normal aging results in changes in cognition, how should the nurse teach an elderly patient to administer insulin?
  19. Question: Through which action does the nurse demonstrate the step of the nursing process that determines whether the client understands the health teaching that is provided?
  20. Question: Which of the following is the goal of patient and family education?
  21. Question: A nurse is planning care for an older adult who lives with a number of chronic health problems. For which of the following nursing diagnosis would education of the patient … the nurse’s highest priority?
  22. Question: Which factor is a leading health indicator used to measure the health of the nation?
  23. Question: Positive patient outcomes are the ultimate goal of nurse-patient interactions, regardless of the particular setting. Which of the following factors has the most direct influence on positive patient-care outcomes?
  24. Question: The home health nurse reviews a medication administration calendar with an elderly patient. In order to consider sensory changes that occur with aging, how should the nurse proceed? Order now for an original nursing paper on NR 222 Unit 6 Exam 2 Assignment
  25. Question: Health education of a client by the nurse
  26. Question: The nurse is providing discharge instructions to an elderly client. The nurse hands the client a paper about a new medication. The client cannot readLearning does not occur. In this situation the nurse has failed to assess the
  27. Question: The nurse is providing information to a client about the safe use of a newly prescribed medication. The first question the nurse should ask is
  28. Question: There are many goals for health teaching. Which of the following is the primary goal of family and patient education?
  29. Question: The nurse is planning to teach a 75-year-old patient with coronary artery disease about administering her prescribed antiplatelet medication. How can a nurse best enhance the patient ability to learn?
  30. Question: A nurse is conducting a health assessment and interviewing a patient. Which of the following would … the most appropriate for the nurse to do?
  31. Question: A client experiencing a Maine phase of bipolar disorder sustained cuts on the body from falling through a store window. The nurse is preparing to start an intravenous needle insertion and explain the procedure to the client.
  32. Question: During unplanned, spontaneous moments, dying clients usually discuss fears or concerns that nurses should not ignore or rush. What is the nurse best response in such situations?
  33. Question: A patient recovering from thoracic surgery on long-term mechanical ventilation and becomes very frustrated when he tries to communicate. What intervention should the nurse perform to assist the patient?
  34. Question: A patient with otosclerosis has significant hearing loss. What should the nurse do to best facilitate communication with the patient?
  35. Question: The patient has been diagnosed with aphasia after suffering a stroke. What can the nurse do to best make the patient’s atmosphere more conductive to communication?
  36. Question: A nurse has developed a plan of care for a patient with a nursing diagnosis of “risk for spiritual distress”. Which interventions would the plan most likely include? Select all that apply.
  37. Question: A nurse identifies a nursing diagnosis of anxiety related to hospitalization and uncertainty about diagnostic test results. “Which of the following actions by the nurse will … an attempt to decrease client anxiety?
  38. Question: Which communication technique is helpful in health teaching about relevant aspects of a client’s well- being and a self -care?
  39. Question: The family members of a dying patient are finding it difficult to verbalize feelings and show tenderness for a dying person. Which of the following nursing interventions should a nurse perform in such situations?
  40. Question: … the nurse demonstrates an effective method to assess the client and the client’s family’s ability to cope with end-of-life interventions?
  41. Question: … make the best communication with patients?
  42. Question: A Nurse wants to present information about flu immunizations to the community. Which type of communication should the nurse use?
  43. Question: A nurse and a patient work on strategies to reduce weight. Which phase of the helping relationship is the nurse in with this patient?
  44. Question: A nurse asks a patient where the pain is and the patient responds by pointing to the area of pain. Which form of communication did the patient use?
  45. Question: A patient learns that a normal adult heartbeat is 60-100 beats/min after a teaching session with a nurse. In which domain did learning take place?
  46. Question: A patient has heart failure and kidney failure. The patient needs teaching about dialysis.
  47. Which nursing action is most appropriate for assessing this patient’s needs? Order now for an original nursing paper on NR 222 Unit 6 Exam 2 Assignment
  48. Question: A nurse is using SOLER to facilitate active listening. Which technique should the nurse use for R?
  49. Question: An older-adult patient is wearing a hearing aid. Which technique should the nurse use to facilitate communication?
  50. Question: A confused older-adult patient is wearing thick glasses and a hearing aid. Which intervention is the priority to facilitate communication?
  51. Question: Which behavior indicates the nurse is using a process recording correctly to enhance communication with patients?
  52. Question: In a small, rural hospital the nurse is caring for a patient who speaks a language other than English. The nurse needs to use an interpreter to communicate but the hospital does not have access to an interpreter who speaks the patient’s language. When choosing another individual to interpret for this patient, what characteristic should the nurse prioritize?
  53. Question: You are a community health nurse who provides care to a group of Hispanic people living in an area that is predominantly populated by Caucasian people. How would you characterize the Hispanic people in this community?
  54. Question: A nurse is caring for an elderly woman who predominantly identifies with an East Asian culture. How can the nurse best demonstrate an awareness of culturally congruent care?
  55. Question: Most nurses have been taught to maintain direct eye contact when communicating with patients. However, some cultural groups do not usually value direct eye contact when communicating with the nurse. Which cultural group would most likely consider the direct eye contact impolite?
  56. Question: An emergency department nurse is preparing to inspect and palpate the head and scalp of an older adult who experienced a fall. A member of which group would most likely consider this examination as a violation of norms?
  57. Question: The nurse is helping a patient choose her menu options for the following day. The nurse reads out the option of ham with scalloped potatoes and the patient states that her religion does not allow this. Which of the following is most likely the patient’s religion?
  58. Question: The nurse is preparing a discharge teaching session with an Asian patient to evaluate the patient’s ability to change a dressing. The patient speaks and understands minimal English. What would … the best way to promote understanding during the teaching session?
  59. Question: You are the nurse caring for a patient who is a recent immigrant to the United States from Mexico. Which of the following variables would you prioritize when performing an assessment of the patient’s cultural beliefs?
  60. Question: You are caring for a patient who is terminally ill whose family has requested to hold a spiritual ceremony during which they will … using incense. What would … the best intervention you could make on behalf of this patient?
  61. Question: A parent informs the nurse that immunizations are contrary to her religious beliefs, and she does not want her child to receive immunizationsThe nurse proceeds to inform the parent that the child will … in grave danger of illness all her life and will not … allowed to start school unless she is immunized. The nurse also informs the parent that she had all of her own children vaccinated with no adverse effects. The nurse’s behavior is an example of what?
  62. Question: An infant with a diagnosis of pyelonephritis is receiving care on the pediatric unit and the nurse’s review of the child’s electronic health record reveals that the infant has not received any of her scheduled immunizations. The mother informs the nurse that immunizations are against her cultural beliefs, and she does not want her child to receive immunizations. In this scenario, what do the mother’s views on immunizations represent?
  63. Question: In planning the nursing care of a patient who lives with chronic pain, the nurse has included the intervention of therapeutic touch. When categorizing this particular complementary therapy, the nurse should identify it as which of the following?
  64. Question: You are admitting a patient who is a recent immigrant from China and who has a diagnosis of adenocarcinoma. During the patient’s admission assessment, the patient speaks of her beliefs related to health care and indirectly references the yin/yang theory. Based on her cancer diagnosis and her yin/yang beliefs, which meal will the patient most likely order for lunch? Order now for an original nursing paper on NR 222 Unit 6 Exam 2 Assignment
  65. Question: The nurse is admitting a Native American patient with uncontrolled hypertension and type 1 diabetes to the unit. During the initial assessment, the patient informs the nurse that he has been seeking assistance and care from the shaman in his community. The nurse recognizes that the patient’s blood pressure and his blood sugar level are elevated upon admission. What is the nurse’s best response to the patient’s indication that his care provider is a shaman?
  66. Question: The nurse is providing care for an older adult patient who has a diagnosis of shingles. The nurse is aware that this health problem is attributable to the varicella zoster This belief is an example of which paradigm explaining the cause of disease and illness?
  67. Question: In your role as a community health nurse, you are focusing your current health promotion efforts on diseases that are disproportionately represented among ethnic and racial minorities. Which of the following diseases would you likely address? Select all that apply.
  68. Question: Prior to planning health promotion interventions in your local community, you are appraising the key health care indicators in your region and comparing them with those in the nation as a whole. What do these key indicators reveal about the United States?
  69. Question: You are planning an educational in service for your nursing colleagues with the goal of fostering culturally competent care. What outcome should you prioritize when planning this education?
  70. Question: The nurse assessing health disparities in the community is focusing on disparities that exist apart from those between ethnic groups. In which of the following groups are these disparities most evident?
  71. Question: You are performing a cultural nursing assessment of a newly admitted patient of Cuban descent. What would you include in your assessment? Select all that apply.
  72. Question: The quality improvement team at a large, urban hospital has recognized the need to better integrate the principles of transcultural nursing into patient care. When explaining the concept of transcultural nursing to uninitiated nurses, how should the team members describe it?
  73. Question: During an orientation class, the medical unit’s nursing educator is presenting education on transcultural nursing to a group of new nursing graduates. What should the staff educator identify as the underlying focus of transcultural nursing?
  74. Question: A hospital’s written policies and procedures are being reviewed as part of an accreditation process. Which of the following policies are congruent with the principles of culturally competent nursing care? Mark all that apply.
  75. Question: Giger and Davidhizar (2012) created an assessment model to guide nurses in exploring cultural phenomena that might affect nursing care. When using this model in the care of a patient who has had a transurethral prostate resection (TUPR), what area of care would … influenced most directly?
  76. Question: A 56-year-old woman who emigrated from Vietnam as an adult was admitted with a urinary tract infection, but has now developed urosepsis. The nurse is in the process of changing the patient’s plan of care accordingly. The nurse should consider what phenomenon that tends to occur in patients of all ages when they are ill?
  77. Question: A nurse is auditing the care of a recently discharged patient and is appraising the patient’s care in light of Leininger’s theory of Culture Care Diversity and Universality. Specifically, the nurse is looking for evidence that caregivers implemented professional actions and decisions that helped the patient achieve a beneficial or satisfying health outcome. What aspect of Leininger’s theory is the nurse addressing?
  78. Question: A nurse is caring for a child with a diagnosis of hemophilia. The child is in need of a blood transfusion, which her family’s religious beliefs forbidWhat term would best describe this religion’s beliefs and their impact on health care for this child?
  79. Question: A nurse has been having a number of challenging nurse ñ patient interactions when providing care for a patient whose surgery was complicated by a medical error. When interacting with patients and families, of what must the nurse … cognizant?
  80. Question: After working with a patient who has human immunodeficiency (HIV) for several weeks, the nurse has become more aware of the role of health disparities. Which of the following variables are known to underlie health disparities? Select all that apply.
  81. Question: The future of transcultural nursing care lies in finding ways to promote cultural competence in nursing students. How can this goal … best accomplished?
  82. Question: A nurse provides care in an inner-city hospital that serves a culturally diverse population. When attempting to foster positive and therapeutic nurse ñ patient interactions, the nurse should recognize that these interactions are primarily dependent on what variable?
  83. Question: A nurse who provides care on a busy medical unit is aware that his own beliefs do not always coincide with the beliefs of patients from some cultural backgrounds. What aspects of patient care may … most influenced by diverse cultural perspectives?
  84. Question: Personal space and distance is culturally dependent and can impact nurse patient interactions significantly. What is the best way for the nurse to interact with a patient who has a different cultural perspective on space and distance?
  85. Question: Touch, to a great degree, is culturally … When providing care for a patient who belongs to a Hispanic culture, which of the following may … considered inappropriate in a health care setting? Order now for an original nursing paper on NR 222 Unit 6 Exam 2 Assignment
  86. Question: A 54-year-old African American man has presented for a follow-up appointment shortly after being diagnosed with hypertension and being placed on an angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor. The nurse takes the patient’s vital signs at the beginning of the appointment and obtains a blood pressure of 177/96 mm Hg. What factor should the nurse consider in light of the patient’s sustained high blood pressure?
  87. Question: A nurse is planning the care of a 48-year-old woman who has just received a … of breast cancer. The patient has been explicit about her desire to integrate a variety of complementary therapies into her treatment regimenWhat is the nurse’s primary responsibility around the use of complementary therapies?
  88. Question: Agency policies are important to achieve culturally competent care. When reviewing a hospital’s current policy framework, which of the following actions has the potential to improve the overall level of culture competence?
  89. Question: A nurse is describing and demonstrating the technique for emptying a Vietnamese patient’s surgical drain, knowing that the patient will soon … discharged home with the drain in place. As the nurse is explaining, the patient laughs at times that appear unrelated to what the nurse is saying or doing. How should the nurse best understand the patient’s behavior?
  90. Question: A nurse is providing care for a female patient who is Hispanic. The care team is discussing the patient’s nutritional status and one of the nurse’s colleagues states. I suppose we should try to get her some tacos or burritos since that’s what she’s probably used to. How should the nurse best interpret the colleague’s statement?
  91. Question: Computed tomography of a 72-year-old woman reveals lung cancer with metastasis to the liver. The patient’s son has been adamant that any bad news … withheld from his in order to protect her from stress. Stating that this is a priority in his culture. How should the nurse and the other members of the care team best respond?

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